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The whole world is changing. Everyone and everything is changing. Change is part of all of us. Without change we won't live. 

I decided to be a teacher because I wanted to change something. We all want to make the world a little better. For me being a teacher is my personal way to achieve this. To make the world a little better. To change it. 
Nevertheless, to achieve change, we need to change ourselves. We need to constantly improve what we do and how we do it. 
We need to BE THE CHANGE.

"You all can be a Greta"
- Tobias Ruhtenberg - 

What is this about?

This website is about my work in the ProPIC project in 2019.
It gives information about who I am, what I did in the ProPIC project and what I want to achieve with my research project. Moreover it talks about important things in teacher education and professional development and shows up, in which way education systems could be improved in the future. 

If you are interested, you are invited to contact me and discuss about the presented content. 

"Promoting Professionalism, Innovation and

Transnational Collaboration"

- ProPIC -


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25.-29.03.2019, Kiel

We got to know each other and worked on different theoretical bases like CPD and reflective practices and learned about interactive tools for foreign language teaching. 


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06.-10.05.2019, Boras (Sweden)

We got to know students from all other particpating countries, worked on our research projects, got input and new ideas about CPD and Video Enhanced Observation in the classroom and visited a local school in Sandared. 



until 09/2019

We worked on individual research projects, that depended on peronal interests and need for our professional future.


Promoting Professionalism, Innovation and Transnational Collaboration

ProPIC is an international project of the universities of Kiel, Karlsruhe, Newcastle, Barcelona and Borås, that is aimed to more professionalism, innovation and mobility in the teaching profession. It focusses on several topics for personal development, like the idea of Continuing Professional Development, Video Enhanced Observation, Reflective Practices and different digital tools to use in- or outside the classroom. 

In the frame of this project, all participants were working on small individual research projects, that depended on personal interests and needs for the individual professional future. Check out mine here, which is about transnational collaboration in foreign language learning classes via eTwinning and its possibilities and limitations.

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